Time is space

Bibliophile Edition / Artist’s book (2018), Author of the text: Milica Perić

Art practices which reinterpret, collage and produce memories often start from personal archives, testimonies, read differently and rearticulated, depending on the current need. Within these private archives, family photographs have considerable potential, not only to transcend their particular context and location (Wells, 2006: 54), but also to offer reflection on the society through intimate stories. The particularity of a private history, as well as the sensibility of the artist, can become a starter and stock of collective memory, an impetus for a common reflection on history, reality, meaning.

The photo-dossier on the author shows her inner world. Translating family archive and the history into the experience of her own identity, through artistic collage techniques, through developing memories into an artist’s book narrative, associative connection of past and present, time and space, herself and others, in portraits and self-portraits in the present context (as extensions of previous experiences, where physical space is the meeting point of the lived experience and memory), served as a material and symbolic framework for re-collection and building of presence and meaning. The artistic and imaginary filling of reality is an important moment in building the self (Burgin, 2016:150). Creating of this story is thus not only a process of remembering, but also of constructing, as well as analyzing and evaluating herself through past and present experiences.

Individuals do not simply re-living old memories, they use the memories for knowledge gathering (epistemic function) and as catalysts for change (emancipatory function) (Straundiger, 2001)

Mesta koja volimo / Places We Love
Ivan V. Lalić

Kad odeš, prostor za tobom sklapa se kao voda,
Nemoj se osvrtati: ničeg van tebe nema,
Prostor je samo vreme na drugi način vidljivo,
Mesta koja volimo ne možemo napustiti.

When you go, space closes over like water behind you, 
Do not look back: there is nothing outside you, 
Space is only time visible in a different way, 
Places we love we can never leave.